Treatment Overview

Welcome and congratulations on taking your first step towards finding the right therapist for you.   In my experience the best indicator of success in therapy is a good fit.  I encourage you to explore my website in order to determine if I am the right therapist for you.

  • What to expect the first session?  In our first session I strive to create an environment where you feel safe, respected, accepted, and comfortable so that you are open to discussing the specific issues that you wish to address in therapy.  This will also be a time for us to collaborate in order to identify the specific goals and objectives you hope to work on.  Together we will make a plan for your treatment to help you reach these goals.
  • What is therapy?  Therapy is sometimes referred to as psychotherapy or counseling.  People may need different treatment at different times in their lives.  For the client who has already accessed a great degree of psychotherapy we are able to address specific issues that are surfacing at the present time and work through those.  For the client who has never been to therapy it may be helpful to delve more fully into your life history and behaviors that may be standing in the way of arriving at your full potential.  I utilize compassionate listening and combine that with gentle encouragement to explore alternate ways of thinking and behaving.  In order to help you achieve your unique treatment goals, I utilize a combination of treatment approaches and techniques that include Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Solution-Focused approaches.